Guest Post From Monica Willyard

Hi. My name is Monica, and I’m doing some work for Kevin to give his blog some great new social media features. Since I have to publish a post to make sure everything is working well, I want to tell you something about Kevin that he’ll never tell you himself. 🙂 Kevin is a fair businessman, and he’s also a person who educates his business associates. He doesn’t seem to do it deliberately. He just shares his knowledge and problem-solving strategies while he works. He says he shares his knowledge because it helps people grow, and it’s the right thing to do on a business level too. I have learned more from him in the past year than from most of the classes I took in college and trade school.

Though my company’s telecommunications needs were small and not profitable to him, he took time to explain options as if I were someone important from a big, profitable corporation. He showed me how to save money, explained terms I didn’t understand, and taught me how to ask better questions when looking at office equipment.

When I have worked with him on several projects, he has dared me to stretch, to try something in a different way or learn a new skill. Kevin has also shared books, articles, and ideas that have helped me grow. Kevin also taught me how to get the most from Outlook and the iPhone’s productivity tools that make my life easier.

So, since I had to post here, I want to let Kevin and his readers know how much I appreciate his time and what I’ve learned. If everyone treated their customers and colleagues this way, this world would be a better place with empowered people working in so many creative ways. Thanks Kevin.