Children Are Awesome

I saw a Twitter post from a Blind friend recently that went something like this. “I wonder if Blind people can adopt children?” This question gave me a bit of a pause for reflection because we adopted four children!

Adopting is an incredible miracle and life is so fully manifested in the incredible gift of bringing a new child home to the family. I remember the wonderful bonding that took place immediately after holding a newly adopted baby in my arms!

*** Updated reflections as of September 15, 2022*

Due to the passage of time and the ability to scan old photos taken on Silver film, we can now show some photos of our children from the times we remember so well!

Our children are all over 30 years old which certainly shows how quickly time flies!

The gift of life that God gives us all is wonderful! The gift of the life of a child is precious!

What awesome family experiences can you share?