A Warm Welcome From Kevin Fjelsted

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kevin Fjelsted, and I’m glad to meet you. I’m excited about connecting with you and hope you’ll say hello either here on my blog or on your favorite social community site. Community matters to me, and you’re part of it.

I’m a guy who likes people, all kinds of technology, and the possibilities created when the two combine. I’m a business entrepreneur which lets me use my passion and interests to help people everyday. I’m a problem-solver, and I’ve been known to tame computers of all kinds, including the old reliable punch card IBM and Control data antiques of the 1960’s and 70’s, modern Macintosh and Microsoft technologies, esoteric cell phones, and strange but still usable palm pilots. I love to work on voice over IP phone systems and make them sing.

I’m a blind person who absolutely believes in viewing being blind as an opportunity to bring a smile to the world and help all of us remember that although we may be created differently, we are totally of the same humanity! For me, blindness is an opportunity to experience the minor nuisance of problem solving with the added benefit of learning creativity every day.

My local church community is very important to me, and my family and I spend time with people there each week. My wife and I have adopted four children and watched them grow and experience life. I’ve been part of the same community for 35 years and am grateful for the love, laughter, and friendship there.

I’m a Ham Radio operator with the call sign WA0UWW. I worked on one of the first computer terminals for the blind in the 1970s. I’m also an avid bike rider, SCUBA diver, swimmer, and reader of books. I enjoy drinking wine, though I prefer to leave it to the experts and my best friends to tell me which wines are best to taste.

I see each day as a blessing and each friend as a gift. Now that you know who I am, please tell me about you. What do you enjoy, and what makes your heart glad? Please comment here or say hi on Twitter, Facebook, or other social site.