Hello, I am Kevin Fjelsted. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Technology is one of my main interests, as the blog’s title suggests, and I have worked with numerous products. Blindness makes me especially interested in accessibility and gives me an opportunity to find strengths in my struggles and triumphs.

Technology, accessibility for blind people, learning, family, and faith are some of the topics that interest me. These topics will be what many of my posts are on, but the main purpose of this blog is for you to know me better and hopefully for you to respond so I can meet you. Thus, we will build a community and learn from each other.

Recent Posts

Reflections: "Accessibility Feedback" Nonprofit Startup
Introduction In the fall of 1973 I began attending Augsburg College as my first college experience directly out of high school. In the past forty-five years I have experienced taking many college-level classes in various disciplines, a forty-plus-year career in all manner of computer and telecommunications technologies, personal, family, and community growth. Most recently I
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My Perspective on an Ethical Foundation
The Foundation of Ethics – Right and Wrong, True and False Over my sixty-plus years I have certainly been exposed to a number of viewpoints on the subjects of ethics, right and wrong! No less important have been the definitions of true and false. I subscribe to the Ten Commandments as the yardstick for ethics
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Completing The Race: Squaring The Circle
The Early Years My earliest childhood memories are amazing in detail and vivid clarity. They remain with me sixty years later. I was born on the Sandia military base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I remember swimming in the base pool. I remember riding on the back of my dad’s motor scooter without shoes on. One
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Using Web Sites With A Screenreader
I was recently asked the following questions concerning accessing web sites via a screen reader. When using a screen reader on a new page you've never accessed before, how do you typically figure out what's on the page and how to navigate around it? Has there ever been a site that pleasantly surprised you with
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Virtual Braille and Image Discernment the key learnings of the Optacon
I am a life long braille reader who enjoys the freedom that braille gives me to read any book that has been transcribed or translated. Braille is the key to literacy for all of us who are blind. I can’t imagine not reading braille. It would be like depriving me of the human right of
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